Art holiday Italy offers a variety of courses hosted at the beautiful Rimondato Umbria,
Bee Beginnings l Not this year
There is always something to learn. This is an opportunity for all to experience beekeeping  in  Italy. This 5 day workshop will visit both  hives at local apiaries as well as our bees. We will be carrying out simple inspection as well as more advanced procedures. 
Ceramic firing Linda Styles l 8th – 17th September 2017
A hands on course amongst like-minded people focusing on alternative kiln building techniques and the making and decorating of fired clay work that is inspired by the idyllic nature of the Italian landscape and the cultural history of the region.  More Info about the course here. Also see more about Linda Styles here.
 Saxophone & Trumpet with Craig Crofton & Andy Hague.  23rd -27th October 2016

Timed to coincide with Umbria Jazz.  This is an opportunity to spend time with your sax, to get yourself to the next level, where ever that may be. After 5 days intense playing lets relax and take a trip to Perugia to see the delights of Umbria. More Info

 Lifeline Arts with Morag Donnelly.  5th -11th September                          
An open exploratory place for everyone to enjoy; artists, beginners alike. This approach to drawing is about centering in presence, being in the body in the moment, and allowing the language of drawing to become deeply rooted in the senses. More Info or see Lifelinearts
Painting Italy with Lucy Toop.  22nd-29th September  flexible extra days subject to flights                      
Everyone is at a different stage of their creative journey. For those like Lucy for whom nature is the primary source, there are few places as beautiful as the Italian countryside to soak it in.  Lucy has an Ma in sculpture, exhibits paintings professionally and has years of experience as a teacher which allows her to adapt to your needs..  More info or see her websites
 Truffle and other Fungi with Mauro.   Autumn                           

Umbria is famous for it’s Funghi and truffles. When you know the hills as well as Mauro there are mushrooms to be found most days. Forest trips may be with Mauro’s trusted dogs or not. Trip also includes cooking in the woods. More Info