Background & Ethos

WELCOME to Art Holiday Italy and the small hamlet of Rimondato. Set on the edge of a large woodland at the head of a valley in north Umbria near the Tuscany boarder; Rimondato has existed since this 16th Century map and before.

TOWNS nearby include, Citta di Castello, 20 minutes away, Arrezo 35 minutes and Perugia 45 minutes. Sienna, Florence and Cortona are within 2 hours drive. Other small beautiful villages within 20 minutes including the stunning Monte Sainta Maria Tiberina, and Monterchi, famous for Piera della Francesco’s ‘Madonna del Parto’.

RESTORING the buildings has taught us much about this ‘place’. We have tried to respect the history and humble nature of the buildings and carry these idea through into the courses and experience here. This is a place of participation where everyone helps and works together gathering and preparing food, from the vegetable garden ‘orto’ or local markets. Luxury is the opportunity to be immersed in nature and be inspired by it as the primary source.

VEGETABLES vary with the seasons. We grow as much of our food as we can There is nothing better than fresh courgettes tomatoes, aubergines etc.


EATING is always outside in the summer, under the fig tree or on a terrace. Everyone ‘mucks in’ to either prepare  food, lay the table open a bottle or making the atmosphere.
PIZZA & FILM nights are a regular event. We love to use the pizza / bread oven as often as we can. There is no better combination than pizza, a glass of wine and a film in the amphitheatre.
RELAXING is an important part of a holiday, It is not all hard work ! Our fig tree conveniently holds 3 hammocks. So Siesta, book reading, relaxing time is well catered for.
PICNIC Take a Picnic and head into the hills and relax under a chestnut tree.
BEES. We have three colonies and started in April 2010, with our first crop this year.