Lifeline Arts with Morag Donnelly

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“…thank you for helping me rekindle that vibrant connection with life – feeling the pose and putting marks onto paper freely, without judgment. You have a rare gift. I will be back for more!”      D Paynter, Sculptor UK 2010 

Morag’s life drawing courses; ‘Lifeline Arts’, are an open exploratory place for everyone to enjoy; artists and beginners alike.

This approach to drawing is about centering in presence, being in the body in the moment, and allowing the language of drawing to become deeply rooted in the senses.

Morag has a specific and unique gift; a deep insight and vision into the craft of life drawing, based on 15 years of experience as both model and as guide to this creative process. While studying for her fine art degree, Morag met Meriel Gold (Hoare), a former pupil of Cecil Collins, and had the privilege to work with her giving the life drawing courses ‘drawnhome’, in both the U.K and New York.

Through relaxation, music and movement an atmosphere is created for inspiration and sensitivity. Within this safe open space of playful enquiry we have freedom to discover, let go and open our ability to respond to the gestures, the beauty and the ‘life’ of the model.

You will be invited to explore with a range of natural materials and instruments; feathers, hands, earth; and encouraged to let each element show you its way of drawing, its way of being.

As the pose touches you, you touch the paper and this touch moves something within – it is from here that authentic drawing emerges.

Rather than you doing the drawing, the drawing is done through you.

I would not miss these workshops – You will be drawing but you will experience so          much more. The music, the discussions, the dancing, the silence. The moment will bring you to a place you’ve been yearning for. You will not be disappointed

R Librizzi Architect & Life drawer NY 2010

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Link to images from 2012 Italy workshop

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